Frozen games – explore the Arendelle Kingdom with Ana and Elsa

If you ever played games like candy crush or blossom blast, then Frozen game is easy as eating a pie. This is a puzzle adventure game in which your favorite Disney characters will join you and play with you. Get ready for an icy journey with your favorite frozen characters. So, here is a complete description of this game.

frozen games

Play with your facebook squad

You have seen this feature in many other puzzle games, and thus it is unfair to include this in this game also. When you are running out of hearts, then ask for help, and your friends send you the required number of lives. You can do the right, same thing as return than those given lives when they need them the most. In other words, help each other and enjoy the game.


It is simple as the just slide colorful crystals, and your aim is to match minimum three crystals at a time. Also, if you want to earn more points than blast more than three crystals. Through this, you will make a power booster which will remove all the crystals at once.

Unlocking favorite characters

Want to play with Olaf, Sven, and other characters? Well, try to score more points in each level and then make good use of it by unlocking the rest of the characters. Another way to score high in the game is that do not use all of your moves. Try to finish the game in fewer moves, and this will let you earn all the three stars on each level.


I know power-ups always sound good here they are different. Every character in the game get poses Anna’s torch can easily burn some unique power-ups like the entire crystals rows. Talking about the power-up “Elsa Glacier” then it will make crystals disappear that are same in color. Besides this, just like that, you can get cool power-ups belongs to the different characters.

Cloud support

Don’t get confused with this technical term. It means that one can synchronize their progress or save them, just like you do in other puzzle games. It is possible through Google cloud as one’s progress is saved in a browser. After re-installing the game, you can start it playing the game from where you previously quite it.

Things to be considered before downloading this game

It is important that the application must be advanced as it should contain the following important features:

•    Make sure that it offer social medium links so that you can remain in touch with your friends in the game.

•    You should receive regular notification regarding updates and about new contents.

•    Besides this, you can be able to upload and save details mentioned on the application.

Frozen free fall game reminds you about the adorable Disney characters and let you to use their unique powers. But make sure that you have privacy settings in your account so that you device remain safe and free from any threat.


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